31 December 2008

Why Steal When You Can Use Beautiful Copyrighted Photos For Free!

The ease of making a 'copy and paste' for photos and other images to use in our blogs or websites has led to a rampant violation of copyrighted materials. Unless specified, all images are the properties of their respective owners and they should be asked for permission each time their images are to be used in any manner.

But what about us simple and not-so-rich bloggers? How can we get beautiful images without spending a dime? Well we can always ask the owners of copyrighted works if we could use their photographs or images but often, that would cost us money. There is however, a simpler and completely legal way. It is through the help of Flickr and Creative

Go to this link of Flickr that features works that are under the Creative Commons license. There are thousands of images there that you are free to use granted that you respect the different copyrights of the images.

All of these images require an Attribution and based on the respective licenses, they can be allowed to be creatively changed or manipulated resulting to a deriviation from the original image. Again, this is allowed as long as it is specified in the license.

So go over there and make use of those lovely images. Just don't forget to make the proper Attribution.

Photo credit: jayhem

30 December 2008

Congratulations to Absolutely Joro

I just want to make this quick post to Congratulate Absolutely Joro for Winning Mommy Ko's contest. :)

I already transferred the EC credits using my other Entrecard (Simple Married Life) account. Hope you enjoyed all the prizes you received from other bloggers.

Serrandinho's Contest Winners Read This

This is a quick post to call on the winners of Serrandinho's contest. Please check out my regular post below. Thanks.

Congratulations to the Winners! Let me post here the giveaways from 24x7 Online Diva:

As per Serrandinho's announcement, the EC credits will be transferred by Entrecard staff so I don't need to worry about this.

For the Banner winners, leave a message here together with your 125x125 banner html code so I can have your banners up here ASAP. :)

I Heart Contest

29 December 2008

Mayor Nasser Pangandaman, Jr., Most Hated Pinoy Politician Online

Mayor Nasser Pangandaman, Jr., is the most hated Filipino politician online.

And why not? He, together with his father Secretary Nasser Pangandaman of the Department of Agrarian Reform and company, just beat the bodies of a 56 year-old-man and his 14-year-old-son due to a misunderstanding in Valley Golf and Country Club, Cainta Rizal.

While I am writing this post I still can't believe that these people who should serve as models of ethics and good example would be involved in this scandal.

If you don't believe that he's the most hated Pinoy politician online, I want you to check out Decidido's post about it.

Just an update, while I am typing this post, I just watched the latest news of Bandila, according to the news DOJ will have an investigation in place to know more about this event. This will be better so that they can listen to both sides, but for now, you can check the following posts about this and see for yourself how other bloggers treated this as an online issue.

P. S. For those who wanted their posts to be linked here, leave a comment on this post with your post's URL and name so I can update this list ASAP.

Nasser Pangandaman Mauls a Father and His 14-year-old Son? by Pinoy Copywriter

Mayor Beats Up 56-year-old Man and 14-year-old Boy by Ba Racoma

Mayor Nasser Pangandaman Jr., (DAR Chief's Son) Mauled a Father and Son at Valley Golf and Country Club by Noemi Dado

Impunity and Golf by Caffeine Sparks

The World has Always been Crazy, We Just Don't Notice It: Mayor Beats Up 56 Year Old Man and 14 Year Old Boy by Ade

Golf, Guns and Goons: Philippine Golf Horror Story by Joel Chua

Politician Beats Up Defenseless Dad 56, and Son 14, over Golf by Shari

Mayor of Lanao Del Sur Mauls Father and Son by Village Idiot Servant

With Great Power Comes Great IRresponsibility by Jane

DAR Chief and Masiu City Maul Helpless Dad and 14 Year Old Son by Jepoy

These Bastards Have to Pay by Gerry Alanguilan

One Way to Use Entrecard

I know of some bloggers who say that Entrecard is useful only when you can make 300 drops each day. While that might be partly true, there are other ways that you can benefit from being part of this blogging community.

How about this? Let's say you've just written a very informative and wonderful post that you think a lot of people would have a good time reading it. How can you, sort of, spread the word?

Through Entrecard.

After publishing your post, start dropping your EC especially to those bloggers whom you think would like your post. About 100 drops would be enough but if you have the time, by all means do 300 drops.

This is like tapping these bloggers and whispering to them, "Hey, why not visit my blog today? I've got something really nice posted there."


26 December 2008

My Own Blogger's Christmas Wish

Merry Christmas everyone!

Papa Ces posted about his Blogger's Christmas Wish. I liked what he was wishing for because it was all about responsible blogging. He didn't wish for material things. If I were to make a wish list, it would be a combination of both.


So I decided to create my very own Blogger's Christmas Wish List and here they are:

Wish No. 1

I wish for more opportunities to earn as a blogger. That could be through paid posts, advertisements, link ads, etc. Who doesn't want to earn more moolah in 2009?  :)

Wish No. 2

I wish that I would be able to connect with more bloggers by next year. Blogging is not very much fun if you don't have a circle or network of blogging friends.

Wish No. 3

Lastly, this wish is more materialistic. I want a brand-new laptop. One that is powerful enough to let me do a lot of things at the same time. You know, lots of windows open and yet the system won't slow or break down.

12 December 2008

Bug in Entrecard?

Since I was a member of Entrecard, my blogging day is not complete without doing the EC droppings on all my blogs.

Just like now, I am starting to do it again if not for the message that I see on my screen.

Whew! That's why I need to work double time to divert my efforts in other social media as well. Have you had the same error message on your screen now?

04 December 2008

Reported Attack Site

Remember what I mentioned on my last post about me loving Firefox 3? Take a look at this picture.

I'm doing my regular dropping yesterday when I saw this warning on the screen. Too bad for the blog because I wasn't able to pay her a visit and drop my EC. But too good for me that I was given a warning and so that protected my laptop for possible technical harm.

If you haven't tried Mozilla Firefox 3 yet, this is the best time to do so.

24x7 Online Diva's Top EC Droppers for November

Thank you for visiting this blog and I'll make it a point to visit your blogs as often as I can. :)

30 November 2008

I So Love Firefox 3 and Entrecard Toolbar

I finally said goodbye to Internet Explorer today. :) All because I've found the love of my life Mozilla Firefox 3, yey!

Well, at first I just want to download Firefox 3 because this supports the Entrecard toolbar (that I am enjoying now yeyeye!) But after I checked what's with MF3, I was finally convinced to use this browser in my other blogging activities.

Download is a breeze. You just need to follow four simple instructions and you're done. :)

What I initially like about Mozilla Firefox 3 browser:

  • This browser imports my saved favorite sites and passwords in their own library
  • You can assign tags to some sites, yes, you read it right, multiple tags for as another way for you to remember the sites
  • Instant integration with your anti-virus software
  • Website ID for easier site identity overview
  • Built in spell checker (no need to copy and paste text on MS Word)
  • Session restore (relief from unexpected closure of your search or download session)
I have yet to enjoy the rest of what's new with Mozilla Firefox 3. But if you still have IE on your PC, why not try MF3 now? Let me know your experience with MF3 and if this is also your best alternative to online browsing.

22 November 2008

Lovin' the Gmail Themes

Have you ever wished there's another layout for your Gmail accounts? Well, I guess Google finally heard other Gmail users like me who wants a newer look on their email inbox.

That's why I was thrilled when I read the message that I can finally change Gmail's themes. I really took time to check which one will best fit the overall look of my inbox.

Here's how you can customize your Gmail inbox:

  1. Login on your Gmail account

  2. Once you're in, click the Settings link located on the upper left hand corner of the screen, next to your Gmail address

  3. On the settings page, click on Themes, that's the last tab on the page

  4. Then you'll see the 31 lovely themes to choose from. Go ahead, (double) click the theme that you want to load on your inbox.

  5. Then be amazed as it automatically loads on your page. ;)

  6. If you want to change the theme then repeat steps 1-5. If you're happy with the theme you've chosen then go back to inbox and you're done.

See, that's easy. ;)

Comments on my Favorite Gmail Themes


I love the way it looks on my screen. It creates the mood of you just writing your usual stuff like reminders and to do's, more than composing emails.


When I tried this theme, a pop out window states that the theme will change according on my location. There was a drop down box that states the country you're in, then a blank box where you should type your location. Well I tried it and I love the look it gave me. Since the look varies per location, then why not go ahead and try it now?


As for this theme, you would really have to scroll down to check if you got it correctly ;) Yes, the 'tree' is located at the bottom part of the screen.


It's like seeing that mountain in one sunny afternoon.


It's like composing your emails while sitting on these real like pebbles on the riverside.

Summer Ocean

I'd recommend that you try this for a more 'beach like' look.

On Other Gmail Themes

I leave it for you to try other themes and check how it appeals to you. Also, let me know if you also loved the themes I mentioned here. Who knows, the 'Google people' might consider to leave all these themes for good, since it's still on Beta.

09 November 2008

22 Tips to Decrease Blog Traffic

Here are some things that bloggers do to decrease their blog traffic (if that's what they want).

  • Post nonsense stuff
  • Ignore fellow bloggers request for link exchange(s)
  • Use striking color combinations on your blog template
  • Fill your blog's empty space with too much clutter
  • Use the smallest and or the biggest font on your posts
  • Spam people as you invite them to read your blog
  • Bore you and your readers to death with your post
  • Mention all your points in one paragraph
  • Use too much jargon, deadwood phrases and gobbledygook terms
  • Pass the idea of coming up with a pillar post


  • Submit your blog to blog directories and feedreaders
  • Post your blogroll
  • Interact with fellow bloggers (online and offline)
  • Think about your blog's theme
  • Leave a message on their CBOX and or ShoutMix
  • Think of doing guest posts on other related blogs
  • Use Plurk and Twitter to promote your blogging activities
  • Use keywords to mirror your blog's theme
  • Claim your blogs in Technorati
  • Check your Alexa blog traffic stats
  • Join Entrecard
  • Look for Blog Carnival Projects
If you have some more to add to the list, feel free to leave a comment here. ;)

Drop Entrecard when America is asleep

If you're an Entrecarder like me who finds it hard to drop cards at times because of connection or server problems, I have a suggestion for you.

Drop your ECs when America is asleep ;)

I already tested this weeks ago and I found out that it is better to do all these dropping activities during my local (day) time here in the Philippines.

I would like to hear the best time(s) that you can drop all these ECs to promote your blog. Maybe we can try your tip as well and benefit from what you know, fellow Entrecarders ;)

01 November 2008

24x7 Online Diva Top Droppers for October

Another month has passed and I would like to thank all bloggers who visited this blog. Well, the greetings go most specially to my top droppers for October.

Here's the list:

31 October 2008

3 Months Blogoversary Contest at SimplyWP

SimplyWP is celebrating her 3rd month Blogoversary and she came up with a contest. Although my blog is just new I decided to sponsor and join this contest. I hope 24x7 Online Diva will win. ;)

Here are the prizes for the lucky winners:

Prize #1: ( $15, 15000 EC Credits, ad spots )
$10 from BlipBit
$5 from My Life’s Adventure
5000 EC Credits from Wiehanne Lounge
5000 EC Credits from Wiehanne Contest
1000 EC Credits from Random Detoxification
1000 EC Credits from Michael Aulia’s Tech Blog
1000 EC Credits from dramas of my life
1000 EC Credits from Momiespace
1000 EC Credits from LupuSurvivor
125×125 ad spot for 2 months at Pastel Corner
125×125 ad spot for 1 month at Call Center Gal
125×125 ad spot for 1 month at 24×7 Online Diva
125×125 ad spot for 1 month at Love Is A Precious Gift
125×125 ad spot for 1 month at A Message From My Heart
125×125 ad spot for 1 month at The Journey
125×125 ad spot for 1 month at Only in Silence
125×125 ad spot for 1 month at Hit-or-Miss

26 October 2008

The New Entrecard Look for 24x7 Online Diva

I've been using the classic templates of Entrecard for the look of my card. I've also been active in my blogging activities and yes, dropping ECs.
But I noticed that I only receive a few organic clicks from the Entrecard site going here. I know I still have to fill this with much useful content but I also thought of another reason for the click turnout.

My card looks boring.

I'd have to admit that because it really is boring. I'm challenged to use photoshop that's why I never get to replace the face of my entrecard blog card.

That's bad especially if you want to make money online. That can also affect your blog's traffic. Internet is still a visual medium. That's why you should always keep up with something pleasing to the eyes when you promote your blog so they'll notice and check it out.

Just like your entrecard blog face.

Well, good thing I stumbled upon free125cards. I only spent around five minutes (because I still have to compare the font types to use) and then I already got a new card face for this blog.

I got so amazed on how easy it was to personalize your 125x125 banner that I'll go back on that site later today to create another banner for my blogging awards. ;)

How about you? Are you contented with your entrecard blog face?

Bye Linux, Hello Windows

It's been almost almost a week since my last post here. I just need to attend to a lot of offline work lately. I'll post more of my online and offline money making adventures here anyway. ;)

Okay, going back to what I should share with you. If you've been reading this blog for sometime now, you already knew about my concern with WiGo.

I'd have to admit that I am also a fan of free WiFi service especially when I'm out, blogging inside the coffee shops around the metro.

It was the other day when my boyfriend told me about his plan of changing the operating system of his Eee Pc because one of his online jobs would require it as the OS.

Luckily, he just sold his EeePC to his aunt and we went to a computer store to buy the same laptop but this time has Windows as its OS.

He felt relieved only for an hour after buying the laptop because he remembered that he should install an anti-virus software right away.

That's when I get to really love Linux. No one (I think) will ever dare create a virus for their OS ;)

18 October 2008

Lesson Learned from Alexa

Remember my concern with 24x7 Online Diva's Alexa stats?

Minutes ago, I checked my blog traffic stats online for my new dot com domain. I was surprised to see the update. Take a look at my side bar. You'll see two Alexa buttons, one for my and the other one for the self hosted domain. That was such a big difference in traffic right?

I felt down because I've been working so hard to get traffic to this blog. Anyway, that was a lesson learned and I'm now ready to move on.

I've got to write more posts, continue with the rest of my blogging activities. This number will change, I know... will gradually change.

Lesson learned: Start with a rightaway if you want to make money online using your blog.

Whew Alexa! ;)

Hits4pay: Earn Extra Cash by Viewing Email Ads

If you'd like to make money online, you need to find a lot of legitimate ways of doing it. You can earn through paid posts, surveys and viewing email ads.

Just like Hits4pay. They will let you earn extra cash by just spending some time to view the emails you will receive from their advertisers.

Remember that this is not a get-rich-quick-scheme of any kind. Just like any other means to earn money online, you need to still work and promote this online.

This is an original content I made to inform you about Hits4pay. But if you want a pre-approved ad copy to use, you'll get those from your Hits4pay account site when you sign up now.

13 October 2008

Help on Alexa Data

I need your help on this one.

I just checked my Alexa traffic details using my previous url. If you will scroll down on this page you will see the data on the traffic and links.

However, when I tested the same thing in Alexa using my new .com domain (, the details states No Data.

Question: When will I have the same data imported to my new url? How long should I wait if that's the case? Should I report this to them? I would really appreciate your help on my Alexa details. Thanks so much.

11 October 2008

When is the Best Time to Write a Blog Post?

Are you a full time blogger or doing this on your spare time?

If you're like me who juggles shifting schedules with blogging activities, then it is very challenging.

Simply because blogging isn't just about blog hopping right? If you want the 'hoppers' to keep coming back then you should offer them something new every time they visit.

It all starts with writing a blog post. Yes, for me it should be writing, not necessarily typing your thoughts in your computer.

So with all these things that we need to attend to, here are some of the best moments when we can write our next 'killer' blog post:

  • Opening your email
  • Doing blog hopping
  • Reading your reader's newest comments
  • Going out on vacation
  • Answering a paid survey
  • Checking your Paypal's latest account balance
  • Writing a paid post
  • Calling your loved ones
  • You call it a day

  • Having a good conversation
  • A challenging confrontation
  • Replying on your reader's newest comments
  • Having a hearty lunch
  • Writing your latest paid post
  • Having a relaxing walk
  • Visiting a new place
  • Reading an inspiring story
  • Talking to a customer service representative on the phone
  • Coming up with other great blogging ideas

How about me?

Well now, I am eating my favorite peanut butter sandwich for breakfast as I am writing this post.

P.S. This is where I would appreciate the best blog writing moments that worked for you. ;)

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09 October 2008

24x7 Online Diva is a Dot Com Now

Welcome to

Yes, I got a new hosted blog aside from several other hosted ones that I just had this year. Since my goal is to share my online discoveries and make money online, I decided to add this to my growing roster of blogs.

Why should you prefer to have a hosted blog to make money online?

  • Because you will have more flexibility in managing your blog's content and design
  • Because most of the paid blogging activities (posts, reviews, ads) prefer hosted blogs
  • Because a hosted one will give your blog a better command and positioning because of better recall from your readers
If there are some points that I missed here just share it with us okay? ;)

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07 October 2008

I Can't Drop Back Some EC's Today

I called it a day. That was after my fourth attempt to drop EC's back on some blogs that visited 24x7 Online Diva. Don't worry, I was able to drop some on other blogs but I can't continue for the rest because it took a lot of time for those blogs to load. The worst thing was that I had to reboot my laptop several times because it froze while waiting for their pages to load on my console.

Of course I won't identify those blogs here. If this will continue to happen, I wonder how many visitors will proceed to the next blog instead because of too much waiting time. This will definitely prevent them from making money online.

What do you usually do when the blog you're visiting has the same concern?

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05 October 2008

Warn Plagiarists with Copyscape

Do you really want to make money online? If you do, then make sure to come up with an original content on all your blog posts.

I've been into personal blogging since 2003 and professional blogging since March this year. Everytime I write a post, I am thinking of my blogging purpose. That inspires me to put my heart and make the most out of blogging about my ideas.

That's why it really bothers me when I read posts from bloggers about their content copied entirely by another blogger. This unjust act just under utilizes the copycat's intellect.

This brings me to check out Copyscape. You can place the banner on your blog to warn plagiarists from copying your content. You can also take advantage of their paid service so you can be informed right away if these copycats did a bad job again.

All of my blogs have these banners from Copyscape. How about in your blog?

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Problem with Freebies4Webmasters?

I just received an email from Freebies4Webmasters today. For those who don't know about them yet, this company pays publishers/bloggers by showing their advertiser's ad on your blog. They informed me about some 'changes' in their processes like:

  • they can no longer accept new publisher applications and;
  • some existing publisher accounts will be closed due to advertiser's requirements
I guess I received that email because my account will be one of those that they will remove from their list. I'm good with it because I never really show their ads on my (other) site anyway because of some technical concerns.

Here's the email message that I received from them:

Dear Webmaster,

Due to prevailing conditions for our advertisers, it has been decided we can no longer accept new applications to Freebies4webmasters, and that some existing accounts will be closed.

Some or all of your domains accepted in your publisher account may be removed in the following days due to our advertiser requirements.

Please note that all removed domains that were due payment up to the 1st of October have already been paid.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you in your participation of Freebies4Webmasters and give our best wishes to the further success of your website. Publishers who will remain in our network will continue to be paid as normal.

Best Regards,
Freebies4Webmasters Team

For those who have similar concerns with Freebies4Webmasters you don't need to worry. You can still make money online with other opportunities available for you. All you need to do is to keep on producing good content on your blog and paid online opportunities will follow. ;)

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01 October 2008

Blog Contest: Win 125x125 Ad from Simple Married Life

Define Simple Married Life in your blog post and you will win a 125x125 ad space on their blog. It's that easy! Better check out the rules first by clicking the button above before writing your post.

This is a good step to advertise your blogs and at the same time build a blogging relationship with the rest of the bloggers.

If you want to share other blogging contests here, just let me know. ;)

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Online Diva's Top Entrecard Droppers for September

Thank you so much for the constant visit fellow Entrecarders!

Call Center Gal

Making an Extra Money

Simple Married Life

Free Ebook Blog

What about Blog

Nita's Random Thoughts

Italian Volvo 850 Style

Free Womens Blogs

Reading Lounge

MJ Ces

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30 September 2008

Latest Update on Google Page Rank

A lot of bloggers believe that if you want to make money online, you have to guard your blog's pagerank. Why not? The Big G has his way of branding your blog, whether it rocks or not.

Today I'll focus this post on checking out some of the blogs that landed this money making online blog and their PR. I hope you don't mind that I included your blogs in this post. ;)

Squarecircles - PR 2

Pink Hues - PR 2

Sagada Philippines - PR 2

the Social Arrow - PR 2

Simple Married Life - PR 2

Edelweiza - PR 3

Cindy's Blogging Time - PR 3

Call Center Gal - PR 3

How about the biggest blogs on the blogosphere?

Carlocab - PR 4

- PR 6

- PR 6

How about this make money online blog?

Since this is just a new blog, it doesn't have PR yet. This poses as an inspiration to have my share in the blogosphere. I know I can do it since my other blogs survived and got their PRs now. I will share with you some of the tips on how to start building link from scratch to being a catch. ;)

But for now, feel free to use the tool below to check your current blog's page rank. Are you happy with the result? Why?

Check Page Rank of any web site pages instantly:

This free page rank checking tool is powered by Page Rank Checker service

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22 September 2008

WiGO's Kind of Customer Service

What a good Monday for me! How about you?

Did you remember my post yesterday about my concern with WiGO? Just like what I mentioned in my post yesterday, I sent a short email to clarify about their service for Linux bloggers. Here's my email message to Mr. Russ Alfonso:

Hi Mr. Alfonso,


I would like to inquire about your service for us Linux users. I blogged about my experience with WiGO yesterday on this post.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Being in the customer service industry for more than eight years, I can say that I was impressed by his prompt reply. Here it is:

Thanks so much for your feedback. We initially rolled out our service in Feb. at Rockwell targeted towards Windows . From that launch we received feedback similar to yours regarding interoperability issues with MAC and mobile. We addressed that issue and MAC and mobile are now integrated with WIGO. I will forward your concern to our technical crew to address the Linux side. I don't foresee any problems just a few weeks of programming time. I ll make a note to drop you an email once linux is up and hopefully you and the other linux users will be using wigo.

Best Regards,


He copied two other respondents in the email to inform them of our concerns with WiGO. This email only proves their interest to provide customer satisfaction. I really hope this will be addressed soon so we can all rejoice, Eastwood City Linux bloggers!

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21 September 2008

I Made 300 Entrecard Drops Today!

I'm very happy to share with you that I'm working little by little to promote my newest baby. One of my means to promote it in the blogosphere is thru Entrecard.

I know I missed the returning your drops lately. So if you've been dropping here for sometime now, you may check your drops inbox and you'll see my 125x125 card parking right there. ;)

If you're reading this and you're just starting to promote your blog traffic, try Entrecard. The Love Drops really work because:

  • You can visit and read a lot of blogs in a day
  • You can build a relationship by leaving quality comments on their posts
  • You can earn EC credits for each visit that you do on their blogs and;
  • You can also get some more EC credits when they returned your visit
There are a lot more ways to benefit from using Entrecard to promote your blog. I'll discuss some more issues with Entrecard on my future posts.

But I gotta hit the sack for now. If you just read my previous entries, you'll notice that this is my fourth in a row for today. I still have a lot of ideas to share but I also need to report to work tomorrow. Yes, I still have a regular job to attend to so I need to rest now.

As The Online Diva says:

"Time really flies when you're having blogging fun!"

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Chat with The Online Diva!

If you've been reading my previous post, you already know that this is one of my newest baby blogs. Well, since I've started some of my other blogs six months ago, I never had the chance to blog about how my boyfriend and I developed our blogs because it's definitely off topic or because we just forgot to post about it.

That is why I'm very excited now that I already have my chat box up! I purposely did not upload one in my earlier days because I still have to build some more content and build relationship with other bloggers (to also promote this blog). I don't want to upload a chat box with an empty space after a week or so because of fewer visitors. But now, I feel the need to upload one because I received some email comments about not having one here in the blog.

Now that I have it up, I hope you'll leave your mark by typing a message on the chat box. Of course, I'd love to read your comments as well on some of my posts here.

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Pink Asus Eee PC: My Blogging Friend

This is my Pink Asus Eee PC and I love it! It has been my blogging companion for months and I really love how this little laptop makes me feel all powered and ready to blog anytime, anywhere.

I bought this last July before I went to Davao. I read all over the blogs that Davao City is bloggers haven because almost all establishments have FREE WiFi. I stayed there for a month and updated all my blogs using this little notebook friend as I stayed in some coffee shops. My blogging continued even if I was inside my hotel room because of their FREE WiFi service. ;)

My former best buddy Desktop was that jealous (well I guess) that it started to slow down amidst all the scanning efforts I made to check if it has a virus or just because of old age. ;)

I still love my Desktop but my mobile Asus Eee PC friend is here to stay.

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WiGO did not Go for Linux Users

There's really a big difference between the information that you read online versus the experience that you will get once you're there.

I said this because of my experience yesterday. I was in CBTL Eastwood all day. Well aside from my supposed to be blogging strategy meeting with my boyfriend, we intend to have another venue to write our posts in all of our other blogs in that coffee shop.

Before going there, I read a lot of stuff online on how Eastwood City is one of the WiFi cities in the Philippines. A lot of other bloggers also had a list of WiFi ready establishments in Eastwood City so I thought I'll be making the most out of the connection there, or so I thought.

When I went there, I immediately searched for the WiFi access in the area (while waiting for my Eggs Ben order) and so I saw three connections, two from WiGo and there's another one but I forgot the name of the source. I immediately tried to establish connection. Their homepage went up the screen and prompted me to register. I was about to download their toolbar when I got this message on my screen:

There you go, the toolbar is only available for Windows and Mac users. I also heard the same negative comments from other customers inside CBTL Eastwood because just like my boyfriend and I, they're also Linux users and cannot access WiFi thru their service.

Well I just hope they'll do something about it because there are also a lot and growing Linux bloggers out there who might get the same frustrating experience. By the way, after this post, I'll send an email to their Marketing Director Russ O. Alfonso to inquire and clarify about that issue. I hope I'll receive the reply the soonest time so I can share the information with all of you, especially Linux bloggers here in the Philippines.

But for now, I have to rely on my good, old, ever reliable blogging notebook whenever I will plan to blog in that area again. ;)

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13 September 2008

Top Six Online and Offline Blogging List Tools

How many blogs do you have?

If you are like me who has multiple blogs to maintain, having a To Do List will really help you in a lot of ways. It helps you maintain your focus and monitor your blogging progress. It will also save your blogging time to achieve work life balance.

That's why I compiled here some of the tools that you can use to manage more of your blogging time.

Blogging Notebook

This basic tool will always be available for us to use even if you lost that internet connection (I hope not) and the most handy to have. That's why it's considered to be the original notebook you can rely on.

Notes / Notepad

This works like your usual post it note stickers without the clutter. I personally like this whenever I only have few things to do online.

MS Excel / Spreadsheet

This will definitely work if you want to track a long list of blogging things to do. I once made my Content List in Ms Excel and it worked well for me. You can easily modify the items since adding and or deleting cells and rows can be done on a breeze.

Ta-da List

They claim to be the world's easiest to do list with over 4 million to do lists templates to share with their users. This works by typing your to do list one by one on the field (yes only one field per task) provided.


It works like a usual office collaboration tool with a lot of tabs for individual and collaborative work. Another good feature is their publishing task lists that can also be possible for public viewing (optionally with a password). This is going to be useful especially if you are managing a blog network.

Remember the Milk

What I like about this list is that you can receive reminders via email, SMS, and instant messengers like AIM, Gadu-Gadu, Google Talk, ICQ, Jabber, MSN, Skype and Yahoo!

Tudu Lists

You don't need to hook it up on your email address when you sign up. You can also share your list with another user.

As I end this post, I just want you to know that I just included my own comments based on how I used these tools to list my blogging activities. It's best for you to check these tools out and see which matches your preference. What's most important is that you can manage all your blogging activities to make the most out of it.

How about you? What are the tools that you use to organize your blogging tasks?

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Server Error

If you've been visiting my site for a couple of days, you may have noticed that there weren't any updates here. I would love to post some more entries here in 24x7 Online Diva but this message hit me so bad.

That explains everything. If you're reading this message now, you know that I successfully logged in again and will give you more of my online updates in my succeeding posts.

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02 September 2008

Earn Extra Moolah from A.W. Surveys

How's your money making online venture today? I just completed a number of surveys for A.W. Surveys. This is my new daily money making paid survey. I just joined a week ago, completed their welcome survey and got credit for doing so. You just need to review the websites that they will assign to you and you're on your way to add dollars to your account.

This is not easy money I tell you. You need to objectively rate the websites to help the advertisers improve the look of their sites. I can say that this is better to do rather than just loiter around online without doing anything productive.

I would really encourage you to give it a shot. Click the link below so you can start right away! ;)

$6.00 Welcome Survey After Free Registration!

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What Happened to Entrecard?

I was trying to drop my cards for my three blogs yesterday until today when I noticed something wrong with Entrecard.The Dashboard page does not appear everytime I hit the refresh icon on my Mozilla Firefox window. I thought it was just a temporary glitch but the problem was never resolved until today. Sigh!

Well, if the only consolation was that I was able to use my extra time online to write content for my blogs. I appreciate your visits here. Feel free to leave a comment here okay? I would also be more than happy to learn from you and your money making online experience. ;)

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Get Paid by Inbox Dollars

All you need to do is spare 5-10 minutes of your time everyday to do what was stated above.Read emails, complete surveys, shop online even play games. That's a productive way to spend a little amount of your time online right?

At first, I didn't know that such a thing exists, I only knew that you can earn extra moolah by paid blogging. But now, I also consider doing this to add extra moolah in my account. ;) Not bad right?

I may say a lot of things here. But if you think that this is worth your time, you can click on the banners on this page to earn $5 sign up bonus and start earning online. ;)

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