31 December 2008

Why Steal When You Can Use Beautiful Copyrighted Photos For Free!

The ease of making a 'copy and paste' for photos and other images to use in our blogs or websites has led to a rampant violation of copyrighted materials. Unless specified, all images are the properties of their respective owners and they should be asked for permission each time their images are to be used in any manner.

But what about us simple and not-so-rich bloggers? How can we get beautiful images without spending a dime? Well we can always ask the owners of copyrighted works if we could use their photographs or images but often, that would cost us money. There is however, a simpler and completely legal way. It is through the help of Flickr and Creative

Go to this link of Flickr that features works that are under the Creative Commons license. There are thousands of images there that you are free to use granted that you respect the different copyrights of the images.

All of these images require an Attribution and based on the respective licenses, they can be allowed to be creatively changed or manipulated resulting to a deriviation from the original image. Again, this is allowed as long as it is specified in the license.

So go over there and make use of those lovely images. Just don't forget to make the proper Attribution.

Photo credit: jayhem

30 December 2008

Congratulations to Absolutely Joro

I just want to make this quick post to Congratulate Absolutely Joro for Winning Mommy Ko's contest. :)

I already transferred the EC credits using my other Entrecard (Simple Married Life) account. Hope you enjoyed all the prizes you received from other bloggers.

Serrandinho's Contest Winners Read This

This is a quick post to call on the winners of Serrandinho's contest. Please check out my regular post below. Thanks.

Congratulations to the Winners! Let me post here the giveaways from 24x7 Online Diva:

As per Serrandinho's announcement, the EC credits will be transferred by Entrecard staff so I don't need to worry about this.

For the Banner winners, leave a message here together with your 125x125 banner html code so I can have your banners up here ASAP. :)

I Heart Contest

29 December 2008

Mayor Nasser Pangandaman, Jr., Most Hated Pinoy Politician Online

Mayor Nasser Pangandaman, Jr., is the most hated Filipino politician online.

And why not? He, together with his father Secretary Nasser Pangandaman of the Department of Agrarian Reform and company, just beat the bodies of a 56 year-old-man and his 14-year-old-son due to a misunderstanding in Valley Golf and Country Club, Cainta Rizal.

While I am writing this post I still can't believe that these people who should serve as models of ethics and good example would be involved in this scandal.

If you don't believe that he's the most hated Pinoy politician online, I want you to check out Decidido's post about it.

Just an update, while I am typing this post, I just watched the latest news of Bandila, according to the news DOJ will have an investigation in place to know more about this event. This will be better so that they can listen to both sides, but for now, you can check the following posts about this and see for yourself how other bloggers treated this as an online issue.

P. S. For those who wanted their posts to be linked here, leave a comment on this post with your post's URL and name so I can update this list ASAP.

Nasser Pangandaman Mauls a Father and His 14-year-old Son? by Pinoy Copywriter

Mayor Beats Up 56-year-old Man and 14-year-old Boy by Ba Racoma

Mayor Nasser Pangandaman Jr., (DAR Chief's Son) Mauled a Father and Son at Valley Golf and Country Club by Noemi Dado

Impunity and Golf by Caffeine Sparks

The World has Always been Crazy, We Just Don't Notice It: Mayor Beats Up 56 Year Old Man and 14 Year Old Boy by Ade

Golf, Guns and Goons: Philippine Golf Horror Story by Joel Chua

Politician Beats Up Defenseless Dad 56, and Son 14, over Golf by Shari

Mayor of Lanao Del Sur Mauls Father and Son by Village Idiot Servant

With Great Power Comes Great IRresponsibility by Jane

DAR Chief and Masiu City Maul Helpless Dad and 14 Year Old Son by Jepoy

These Bastards Have to Pay by Gerry Alanguilan

One Way to Use Entrecard

I know of some bloggers who say that Entrecard is useful only when you can make 300 drops each day. While that might be partly true, there are other ways that you can benefit from being part of this blogging community.

How about this? Let's say you've just written a very informative and wonderful post that you think a lot of people would have a good time reading it. How can you, sort of, spread the word?

Through Entrecard.

After publishing your post, start dropping your EC especially to those bloggers whom you think would like your post. About 100 drops would be enough but if you have the time, by all means do 300 drops.

This is like tapping these bloggers and whispering to them, "Hey, why not visit my blog today? I've got something really nice posted there."


26 December 2008

My Own Blogger's Christmas Wish

Merry Christmas everyone!

Papa Ces posted about his Blogger's Christmas Wish. I liked what he was wishing for because it was all about responsible blogging. He didn't wish for material things. If I were to make a wish list, it would be a combination of both.


So I decided to create my very own Blogger's Christmas Wish List and here they are:

Wish No. 1

I wish for more opportunities to earn as a blogger. That could be through paid posts, advertisements, link ads, etc. Who doesn't want to earn more moolah in 2009?  :)

Wish No. 2

I wish that I would be able to connect with more bloggers by next year. Blogging is not very much fun if you don't have a circle or network of blogging friends.

Wish No. 3

Lastly, this wish is more materialistic. I want a brand-new laptop. One that is powerful enough to let me do a lot of things at the same time. You know, lots of windows open and yet the system won't slow or break down.

12 December 2008

Bug in Entrecard?

Since I was a member of Entrecard, my blogging day is not complete without doing the EC droppings on all my blogs.

Just like now, I am starting to do it again if not for the message that I see on my screen.

Whew! That's why I need to work double time to divert my efforts in other social media as well. Have you had the same error message on your screen now?

04 December 2008

Reported Attack Site

Remember what I mentioned on my last post about me loving Firefox 3? Take a look at this picture.

I'm doing my regular dropping yesterday when I saw this warning on the screen. Too bad for the blog because I wasn't able to pay her a visit and drop my EC. But too good for me that I was given a warning and so that protected my laptop for possible technical harm.

If you haven't tried Mozilla Firefox 3 yet, this is the best time to do so.

24x7 Online Diva's Top EC Droppers for November

Thank you for visiting this blog and I'll make it a point to visit your blogs as often as I can. :)