11 October 2008

When is the Best Time to Write a Blog Post?

Are you a full time blogger or doing this on your spare time?

If you're like me who juggles shifting schedules with blogging activities, then it is very challenging.

Simply because blogging isn't just about blog hopping right? If you want the 'hoppers' to keep coming back then you should offer them something new every time they visit.

It all starts with writing a blog post. Yes, for me it should be writing, not necessarily typing your thoughts in your computer.

So with all these things that we need to attend to, here are some of the best moments when we can write our next 'killer' blog post:

  • Opening your email
  • Doing blog hopping
  • Reading your reader's newest comments
  • Going out on vacation
  • Answering a paid survey
  • Checking your Paypal's latest account balance
  • Writing a paid post
  • Calling your loved ones
  • You call it a day

  • Having a good conversation
  • A challenging confrontation
  • Replying on your reader's newest comments
  • Having a hearty lunch
  • Writing your latest paid post
  • Having a relaxing walk
  • Visiting a new place
  • Reading an inspiring story
  • Talking to a customer service representative on the phone
  • Coming up with other great blogging ideas

How about me?

Well now, I am eating my favorite peanut butter sandwich for breakfast as I am writing this post.

P.S. This is where I would appreciate the best blog writing moments that worked for you. ;)

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WeblogLearner said...

I usually write in the morning.. around 3, 4 or five.. I try to sleep early and when my maximum sleeping hours is reached, i wake up automatically, Then after the post, i just get some little nap till seven or eight depending on my day's schedule... My work is in the afternoon anyway. ^^

Ryan and Katy said...

I generally work best in the evening. Since I am not really trying to make any money off my blog I only post every few days. I have to put it off until the last thing I do because other thing have to come first. I don't really follow a routine at all when it comes to blogging but it seems to be working okay for me.

pchi said...

I write best using pen and paper

in that way, I can brainstorm, that's the way I write every time I join essay contest long before I fell in love with Math and Physics


I have a list of topics to write and if I can explore the idea, I continue if not... postpone until I get on the mood again

I work at night :-)

pkay said...

I do best in the morning. I am trying to make some money, but the pocket book is dry. Oh well, I still keep blogging and it will come eventually. I hope.