26 January 2009

Plug-in Profits

They say that there is money to be made in the World Wide Web and that is completely true. And the beauty of it is there are a lot of ways for anybody to earn either a few dollars to hundreds and thousands of dollars. The thing is you will have to find one money-making idea that will fit to your interests and lifestyle and everything else will follow.

The is one site that you can visit to learn about a unique way to earn online. It even offers a free and exclusive training for those who are eager to know more about this particular strategy.

A few people may find the topic quite intimidating but that's what the trainings are for and that's what the site's blog was put up for. To learn more about the key strategies and techniques best to utilize in this type of money-making niche.

But just like with any other Internet related money-making strategies, it is best that you try to learn all that you can about a particular one and you still have to invest, if not cash, but at least time and much effort for you to be successful.

Learn crucial inputs on the best internet home business and home improvement franchise through the Plug-In Profit Site by Stone Evans. Head over to Stone Evans' profile for more background information.

I Don't Do Much on Friendster Anymore

Back in 2004 when I first learned about Friendster, I would say that I was hooked to it. I was an addict that I was checking my Friendster account almost every day. And it would really sadden me when a week goes by without me adding a new friend or receiving a testimonial or a private message.

But now I seldom log-in to my account. I only do so whenever I receive an email notification that somebody is requesting for me to add him or her to my friends list. If I know them I oblige but if not, I turn them down. And other than that, my Friendster account is pretty much left untouched.

Even my profile photo has stayed the same for almost a year now.

Facebook Infomercial

Do you want to know what Facebook really is and how it connects to real life? Watch this video.

My Former Boss Invited Me to MySpace

I know that MySpace is very popular in the United States, but here in the Philippines, Friendster still rules.


Anyway, so my former boss, who is an American, sent me an email inviting me to join MySpace. I haven't tried MySpace perhaps it's about time that I do.

Like most Filipinos, I have a Friendster account and most of my friends are there. I do have a Facebook account but I only have a handful of contacts there. That's because I really screen anybody who wants to add my in their friends list, especially with Friendster.

Spectrotel In Illinois

Spectrotel, one of the leading internet and phone service providers for small and middle sized businesses is expanding into the Illinois area. This shows the continuous growth of the company amidst the otherwise unhealthy financial situations of most businesses in this industry.

This means that the company is now able to provide high quality voice and data services in the wide demographics of Illinois. Spectrotel has a good history of customer satisfaction ratings and minimal downtimes in their services.

There are also planning to provide services to residential areas but they are first focusing on the small businesses. This New Jersey based company has been servicing clients since 1997 with their “Spectrotel Advantage”. It’s a one of a kind plan for small and med-sized business to avail of high quality, advanced communications technologies that are typically reserved for large corporations. 

For more inputs on VOIP reviews and DSL service reviews, head over to Spectrotel, a company that provides clients the best telecommunications services. Also, more information on Spectrotel can be found here.

25 January 2009

The World Wide Web Is Not the Internet

I am not a technical person so I don't know how well to explain this whenever I would hear someone mention that the World Wide Web and the Internet are one and the same.

Well, I am very sure that they are not one and the same. The Internet is the connection of the millions of computers all over the world. The World Wide Web is the information being shared on the Internet and how they are presented to make those information readable and consummable by the Internet users.

So that's the best way that I can explain it. I don't want to start a debate, I just want to make a clarification of things that I am sure that I know of. 

White House 101

With all the Obama hype we have experienced for the past week, perhaps it would be quite interesting for all of us to learn more about that great big white house that would be the resident of President Barack Obama for the next four years. Eight years if he would be elected to a second term.

This is the url to the White House 101 page (it's the offical website of the White House, by the way):

You will find interesting facts about the White House, the pets who lived there and of course about the U.S. Presidents. The descriptions for each president is very fun to read because it includes some candid info like about former President Clinton's affair at the White House.  The sexual type of affair.


Can Yahoo! Make It?

There are still industry speculations that Yahoo! is in the brink of failure even though they have finally found a new CEO. They say that it is not enough and that it would be better if Yahoo! would just renew their talks with Microsoft.

Some people are also saying that Yahoo! should not sell their whole business but rather just their search business.

In my opinion, that is not a good idea. Yahoo! is still the second most used search engine, that is why Microsoft eagerly wanted it. Microsoft does not want all of Yahoo! They just want the search engine to help them boost Live.

I want to see Yahoo! emerge through its crises. Perhaps it's just nostalgia for me because my earliest memories of using the Internet is through Yahoo! and I am still using their services primarily Yahoo! mail, YM Messenger and even the news, I always turn to them when I want my daily dose of news.

Knowing Your Identity

Who are you? Why are you alive? What is your purpose in life? Do you know your true identity? The last question has a deeper meaning than what we are usually accustomed to hearing about costumed superheroes in comic books and movies. But life is complicated and there are more things about us that we ourselves do not know yet.

Answers are out there and I believe so myself. I don’t mean by out there that it is in outer space like from an alien or something. What I mean is the answers to most of our questions are perhaps known to other people and what we need to do is to seek those answers so we can have a better understanding of our existence.

The is a website created by Chris Butler, a Jagad Guru who has spent his life trying to provide answers to people. The site has a substantial collection of writings and videos that are sure to provide enlightenment to those who are trying to seek it.

For an inspiring view on self help for the mind and other related matters, The Science of Identity Foundation offers helpful self help ideas for self improvement. Know more about Jagad Guru's background here.

Why Do People Love Twitter

Here are the reasons why people love to use Twitter. I believe it's who compiled the answers and made this video.

Internet Marketing Seminar with Zero Buzz?

You're probably confused when you read this post's title. That isn't possible, right? Wouldn't that be an oxymoron? I mean, an internet marketing seminar that is due soon but still there's no buzz about it?

I'm online everyday for at least 5 hours. I do a lot of web surfing, primarily blog hopping and reading anything that catches my fancy. Now I've been aware of a particular internet marketing seminar for the past couple of months but it still surprises me that there are no write ups regarding that anywhere I look.

Bloggers, especially the most active types, are very quick in picking up events like this and they are even quicker in blogging about it. But so far, I haven't read any blog post about such seminar.

When you try to teach people about internet marketing, wouldn't it be the best example if you can create enough buzz for that seminar and get it known not only in the blogosphere but with any other media.

Twitter Newbie

I have just started to appreciate Twitter. Before I really ignore it because I could not fathom the idea of posting a Tweet about something especially since most people would Tweet things as common and as boring as "I've just eaten lunch" or "...feeling down today. Wonder what's on tv?"

But about a week or two ago, decided to give Twitter a chance so I logged-in and started posting. I quickly got hooked! I was surprised that I found it very exciting, perhaps because of the quality of the people that I follow and those who follow me. Like yesterday, I made a Tweet asking people what was the best headset that they could recommend should I decide to record a podcast. I got a reply from a blogger who also does her own podcasts and because of her credibility I've decided to try to look for that headset that she suggested.

I believe that Twitter is an amazing tool to connect with people, to spread your message and to be kept updated on what is happening. I'm downloading Tweetdeck right now because someone suggested it to me. I'll give it a try and I'll post about it later.

The Keating

Have you ever heard of an urban boutique hotel? The Keating is one such unique hotel that offers the best in urban hotel luxury, design, accommodation and full service that is promised to be incomparable and memorable.

The Keating publicist has been successful in helping to spread the word about this 35-room one-of-a-kind hotel in San Diego. The hotel has been featured in top magazines such as Town and Country Travel, Travel + Leisure, GQ and many more. The hotel has been also the talk all around town because of the new things that it offers to the travelers and leisure seekers.

The hotel was designed by the Italian firm, Pininfarina. It’s the same house responsible for such power brands as Ferrari and Maserati. When such a group of classy yet modern fashion thinkers focus all of their time and attention, they can truly create wonders one of which is the Keating. When you’re in San Diego, visit the Keating and see and experience for yourself a unique luxury.

21 January 2009

Let's Count the Obama Posts

It was all about Obama recently.

In the news, from the US local media up to our 'local' (Philippine) media, all eyes are focused on Obama's inauguration. All discussions, commentaries are all about what they're expecting out of him being the President, the changes they want to see, the surprises that he's going to give the people in America.

Now let's take a step back and check the blogosphere. Did you do a blog walking recently? What did you notice about the recent posts? How many bloggers have talked and are constantly talking about him on their blogs?

Let me know if you did a post about Obama recently. Place brief details about it along with the URL of your post so I can link it to your site.

Then let's check how many bloggers made a recent post about Obama and know how bloggers think about it.

20 January 2009

Got a Whole Page Ad in your Blogs?

I've just completed my 300 Entrecard drops for my call center blog. I did it quite fast because of the Entrecard toolbar that I have here in Mozilla. :) Good thing I never encountered a blogger attack site unlike last time.

But I what I wanted to share with you today is how I'm turned off by some of the blogs that have a whole page ads in it. I did not only notice a couple of them, but I remembered seeing roughly seven to ten blogs all in all (based on the list of blogs where I dropped my EC).

It just turns me off. I mean, most of the bloggers wanted to make money online. That's fine. You can show ads on your blog because those ads can also bring in money, well and good.

But what I can't stand is the fact that these blogs load so slow just because of those whole page ads running before the actual content does load on the page. It's just so sad that instead of me reading your post and leaving comments on your blog, you made me leave you, my dear blogger.

I know that to each is own, you may agree or disagree, love or hate me. But I won't visit your blogs until I know that it is your post that I will see first and not the whole page box with the X mark to close so just I can see what you have in your page. :}

15 January 2009

Use Twitter and Plurk to Help Cagayan De Oro Flashflood Victims

I just opened my Twitter and Plurk accounts this morning and I was surprised to see the message coming from the WordPress Theme Designer herself, Chiq Montes. According to her short plurk and twit, she's asking for monetary assistance for the Cagayan de Oro flashflood victims.

If you've been following the news since last week, there were nearly a thousand people who were stranded inside their homes because of the flash flood. Many people risked their lives as they decided to vacate their homes and settle in the nearby schools and evacuation areas. Now, 80 percent of the barangays in Cagayan de Oro suffer from this disaster, according to National Disaster Coordinating Council.

I would suggest that we help in anyway we can, you can extend your assistance via donating $3 to the paypal of or just a simple post (blog, plurk, twitter) of this concern will do. Hopefully these efforts will reach more people online so we can extend more help to them (to buy rice and noodles) as soon as possible.

Note: Before I finished this post, I checked for donation updates and they already raised $53. :) Now thats one good progress.

04 January 2009

Bloggers as Character Assasins?

Probably Mayor Nasser Pangandaman Jr., googled himself these past few days.

I was watching TV Patrol (a local newscast) yesterday when suddenly they featured the follow up news about the incident involving Mayor Nasser Pangandaman Jr., his dad and their security personnel mauling golfers in Valley Golf and Country Club.

Okay, most of the Pinoy bloggers know about it. But what's new is that the news item dwell on the angle of how Pinoy bloggers treated this issue online.

Take a look at the screenshot above.

One of the Pangandaman's appeal is for the bloggers to stop doing character assasination to their family, denying that there's no mauling that had happened.

Bloggers as character assassins? What can you say about it?

02 January 2009

Trying Out the Web Browsers

For so many years I have been using Internet Explorer and the last version I used was version 7. Then in early 2007, at the office that I was working then, our I.T. department installed Mozilla Firefox. I forgot what version it was and all I remember was that I asked the I.T. guy, "What's Firefox?"

He said it's a web browser, just like IE and supposed to be faster. Well he's the computer expert so I tried Firefox. And you know what? I seldom used IE ever since. I really liked Firefox, not only because it is faster in loading up websites, but because of the various add-ons available for it. The Firefox for me is more than just a browser. 

Then I also tried Opera when I saw a friend of mine using it on his laptop. I also like Opera, just not as much as Firefox. Opera is fast, too and also has add-ons and I use it from time to time whenever I feel like it. 

And of course, when Google released Chrome, I downloaded it. It was amazingly fast. Faster than Firefox, but I have to say that it's look is not quite for me. I still prefer Firefox's look and feel. More traditional, I know but that's my comfort zone. Although I like the tab functions of Chrome and that so far it hasn't crashed yet. I also like that I can make a Google search right on the URL field.

In conclusion, I am still a Firefox user who occasionally uses Chrome and Opera. I still have to try IE8, but maybe later when they released it from it's beta version.

01 January 2009

How Many Hours Do You Spend Online?

There are times, especially during weekends, that I could stay up for almost 20 hours just by being online. What would I be doing then? Oh, lots of things. I would be writing posts for my blogs, visiting other blogs, dropping my Entrecard credits, reading news, watching movies on YouTube, emailing, instant messaging and more. There are so many things that I can and have to do on the Internet that sometimes I think 24 hours are not enough.

Well, it's not like I can stay up for one whole day. I still need to sleep after all although I personally know of a few people who can go on for two days without sleeping. But I'm not like them so 24 hours will never be enough.

On a normal day, with work having to be considered in the equation, I would usually spend 10 hours on the Internet doing all those things I mentioned above. Generally, I am being productive because I don't usually surf around just for entertainment. It's always for a purpose especially with my blogs.

But this one is true: that I can't survive a day without going online. It has become a major part of my life that should my Internet provider conk out tomorrow, I would be rushing mad to go out and get a new one.