27 August 2008 snobs Filipino Bloggers?

It took me a lot of days before I was able to come up with a post here on my new baby, 24x7 Online Diva. I was so busy attending to my day job and so I missed being here.

Anyway, I'm here to blog about I saw a box ad about it in one of the blogs I visit everyday. The blogger also mentioned that pays bloggers per post if they will blog using

So I clicked on the ad and the link which prompts me to create and account and this is what I got:

No worries, there are a lot of other ways to make money online anyway. ;)

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21 August 2008

Join Flashmint Contest and Win from $100-800 Easily

Do you know someone who can easily come up with a custom Wordpress theme blog design?

I wish I can do that, because this contest will definitely give you a chance to showcase your talent in blog design. One thing about this contest is that it will also give bloggers a chance to win from $100-300 by just making a blog post about it. Cool right?

Don’t delay. Make a blog post about this just like what I did. You may also want to check it out first here before you decide to join.


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24 x 7 Online Diva’s Early Entrecard Supporters

I immediately signed up for an Entrecard account since this has been a helpful tool to promote my two other hosted blogs.

Do you have an entrecard account now? Then click my entrecard button because I’ll surely return your drop and that’s a commitment. If you don’t have an account yet, sign up here.

Minutes after I signed up, I already have approved my first six supporters yoohoo! ;) If you clicked on my entrecard, don’t forget to visit these sites as well okay?

I will update you on my entrecard adventures. But for now, give me a drop to show your love okay? ;)

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24X7 Online Diva Signing On!

Who wants to earn extra money here? Show of hands please!

Although I cannot see everyone now, I know that if we are about to gather in one place, we’re all going to raise our hands. Who doesn’t want something extra right?

That’s why I came up with an idea of joining the online earning bandwagon. Join me as I find my way to legally make money online while keeping my sanity.

Welcome to 24x7onlinediva blog!

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