22 November 2008

Lovin' the Gmail Themes

Have you ever wished there's another layout for your Gmail accounts? Well, I guess Google finally heard other Gmail users like me who wants a newer look on their email inbox.

That's why I was thrilled when I read the message that I can finally change Gmail's themes. I really took time to check which one will best fit the overall look of my inbox.

Here's how you can customize your Gmail inbox:

  1. Login on your Gmail account

  2. Once you're in, click the Settings link located on the upper left hand corner of the screen, next to your Gmail address

  3. On the settings page, click on Themes, that's the last tab on the page

  4. Then you'll see the 31 lovely themes to choose from. Go ahead, (double) click the theme that you want to load on your inbox.

  5. Then be amazed as it automatically loads on your page. ;)

  6. If you want to change the theme then repeat steps 1-5. If you're happy with the theme you've chosen then go back to inbox and you're done.

See, that's easy. ;)

Comments on my Favorite Gmail Themes


I love the way it looks on my screen. It creates the mood of you just writing your usual stuff like reminders and to do's, more than composing emails.


When I tried this theme, a pop out window states that the theme will change according on my location. There was a drop down box that states the country you're in, then a blank box where you should type your location. Well I tried it and I love the look it gave me. Since the look varies per location, then why not go ahead and try it now?


As for this theme, you would really have to scroll down to check if you got it correctly ;) Yes, the 'tree' is located at the bottom part of the screen.


It's like seeing that mountain in one sunny afternoon.


It's like composing your emails while sitting on these real like pebbles on the riverside.

Summer Ocean

I'd recommend that you try this for a more 'beach like' look.

On Other Gmail Themes

I leave it for you to try other themes and check how it appeals to you. Also, let me know if you also loved the themes I mentioned here. Who knows, the 'Google people' might consider to leave all these themes for good, since it's still on Beta.


janmck said...

hahaha! yeah2! I was amazed of the new themes too! Im using the ninja theme now.. hehehe! ^_^

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kirksydney said...

Wow, I will definitely give this a try.

PS: Why is it walang setting for name and url lang sa comment form mo?

Edelweiza said...

nice! buti naman at marunong makaramdam c google. :)