07 October 2008

I Can't Drop Back Some EC's Today

I called it a day. That was after my fourth attempt to drop EC's back on some blogs that visited 24x7 Online Diva. Don't worry, I was able to drop some on other blogs but I can't continue for the rest because it took a lot of time for those blogs to load. The worst thing was that I had to reboot my laptop several times because it froze while waiting for their pages to load on my console.

Of course I won't identify those blogs here. If this will continue to happen, I wonder how many visitors will proceed to the next blog instead because of too much waiting time. This will definitely prevent them from making money online.

What do you usually do when the blog you're visiting has the same concern?

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1 comment:

Elaine said...

Hello online diva! There are days that I cannot attend to EC droppings too so if I happen to drop by a blog that has a note similar to that, it's just okay with me.

Yes, I do agree with you, some blogs take time to load. Sometimes, it would even make my browser froze (I'm a Firefox user, you know how it is when the system crashes just on one tab, everything will stop).