26 October 2008

The New Entrecard Look for 24x7 Online Diva

I've been using the classic templates of Entrecard for the look of my card. I've also been active in my blogging activities and yes, dropping ECs.
But I noticed that I only receive a few organic clicks from the Entrecard site going here. I know I still have to fill this with much useful content but I also thought of another reason for the click turnout.

My card looks boring.

I'd have to admit that because it really is boring. I'm challenged to use photoshop that's why I never get to replace the face of my entrecard blog card.

That's bad especially if you want to make money online. That can also affect your blog's traffic. Internet is still a visual medium. That's why you should always keep up with something pleasing to the eyes when you promote your blog so they'll notice and check it out.

Just like your entrecard blog face.

Well, good thing I stumbled upon free125cards. I only spent around five minutes (because I still have to compare the font types to use) and then I already got a new card face for this blog.

I got so amazed on how easy it was to personalize your 125x125 banner that I'll go back on that site later today to create another banner for my blogging awards. ;)

How about you? Are you contented with your entrecard blog face?

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