29 March 2009

Problogger's 30 Day Blog Challenge

Have you ever joined a blog challenge?

This time I'll join one. :) I just received an update on my email regarding Problogger's 30 day blogging challenge and I'm so excited that I immediately signed up.

Just like in one of the Beatle's songs, I've been waiting for this moment to arrive. :) Before, I thought of coming up with a similar idea with my other blogger friends, but I surrendered to the fact that I cannot do it at that time. I'll have to join one first, yeah, get my feet wet and learn how to swim to the blogging current, the Problogger way. :)

I am so excited on what's in store for me as I start really focusing a portion of my time everyday to blog as I follow his daily challenge. :)

So let me ask you again, have you joined a blog challenge recently? What were your experiences?

23 March 2009

My Online/Offline Life

Do you feel that sometimes your time is wasted when you do nothing productive online in a span of a day?

That's how I feel right now. All I did today was watch videos from YouTube, play an online game, check emails (which contained nothing worthy), look at eBay for an interesting item... and that's just about it.

Some people go online to do something which in turn will make them earn a certain amount. Like making a paid post on their blog, clicking on ads, selling something in a forum and others. I did none of that today.

Plus I feel that my social life, actual, real life social life, has been quite affected because for the past couple of weeks, I haven't actually gone out with my friends.

Do you think it's about time that I go offline for a while when I start feeling like this?

17 March 2009

Email Woes

I rely heavily on email for my various communication needs. In fact, I have a Yahoo! email account that I have been using for years that it would be a real disaster should it suddenly go kaput! And last weekend, I thought it did.

I woke up last Saturday feeling really good and my first thought was to go online and start replying on those long-overdue emails. I went to Yahoo! and tried to log in on my email account, but I kept getting errors. I was immediately worried thinking that my account had been hacked and that I have lost total control of my email. That would be disastrous indeed, since part of my life is contained in that email.

My worries were a bit alleviated when I learned that Yahoo! was just doing a maintenance and that I could check my email again later that day. And I did.

Perhaps it's a lesson learned that I should start using Outlook or Thunderbird so I could automatically download my emails. But I have to upgrade to Yahoo! Plus to be able to do that and I think it's a bit pricey for me.

15 March 2009

Pictures and Images to Highlight Blog Posts

What do we usually do when we go online?

Do we only read and reply to emails, write our blog posts and publish them? If you are a blogger chances are, aside from those things that are written, you also want something to please the eye of your readers.

And for that purpose we need to add interesting images and pictures to our blog post. Today I will not have a thorough discussion on this topics, instead I will let you see some interesting pictures that can fit specific blog topics.

09 March 2009

Digg Anyone?

Do you have a Digg account? Are you actively digging articles of other bloggers?

I asked this because today, I remembered that I have a Digg account since last year. I almost forgot that I have one registered if not for the message that states that my preferred username is already taken.

I would like to explore Digg first and share with you my experience afterwards. Add me on Digg (callcentergal) and be my Digging friend! :)

08 March 2009

Have a Blog Schedule so You Can Relax

You've worked so hard to earn money online this week. Why don't you take some time off so you can relax a bit?

You know what? You really deserve a break. I mean real break from blogging from time to time. Do not use all your time and energy in front of the computer trying to make money online.

Don't get me wrong. What I'm up to is for you (and me) to come up with our own productive blogging schedules to follow. This will give us a better sense of fulfillment since we are on track of our achievements.

Aside from that, we can have a better view of what we need to do to improve our blogging activities and eventually make more money online because of this.

I'll give my own blogging schedule a try this week. I will let you know if that blogging schedule made me relax or even more stressed to do things online. :)

Image credit: and away

06 March 2009

Buying Online

My boyfriend recently have been doing a bit of his shopping online. But not for essential items, usually for gift items that he send to friends and most especially, to me.


Just like a few weeks ago, he ordered a t-shirt from an online print shop. He had the shop print our picture on the t-shirt and also print a quote. I found it very romantic.

And it wasn't just that. He bought other items online to the point that he started thinking of going into an online business. He is actually in the process of thinking a business model and of course, the items that he would be selling.

How about you? Are you doing some onling shopping lately? 

04 March 2009

Blogging Books Anyone?

How do you want to learn about blogging?

For some, they wanted to plunge right away so they can earn money online as soon as possible. So they attend paid seminars and classes left and right. I don't see anything wrong about it. As long as you have the time and you can afford it, then I would encourage you to go for it.

For book lovers though, reading books about blogging sounds like heaven. I know, I also love reading books and this generally helps me bring back to focus. Aside from that, when we read a book, we expose ourselves to the conversational tone that we are suppose to practice in writing our blog posts.

Speaking of blogging books, can you recommend some that a newbie blogger can read right away? You will help our readers refer to that book especially those newbies who need a jumpstart for their blogging career.

Image credit: zone41

01 March 2009

Globe Visibility is Out, Introducing Globe Broadband Tattoo

Globe Visibility is out of Globe's roster of services.

Last Friday night I saw the back to back TV commercials of Smart Bro prepaid kit (which we will talk about on my next post) and Globe's Tattoo broadband service.

And I must admit that the 'tattoo' commercial got my attention. The commercial was highly marketed to the yuppies who always wanted something that is hip and funky, even if we are talking about broadband service here.

According to the commercial, their customers will enjoy connectivity up to 2 Mbps, which means faster time to surf, download and do all your online stuff.

Aside from the new TV commercial packaging, the changes were extended even up to the look of its Broadband kit USB.

Take a look at these designs:

And oh, they now brag about being the lowest prepaid broadband available in the market today. With the lowest package at Php 1895 (with Php 100 load), will Smart give in and make their equivalent service lower?

Lets wait and see. :) For the meantime, please share your experience if you have used their broadband service before. I wanted to know your feedback first before I try Globe's Broadband Tattoo too. :)