21 September 2008

WiGO did not Go for Linux Users

There's really a big difference between the information that you read online versus the experience that you will get once you're there.

I said this because of my experience yesterday. I was in CBTL Eastwood all day. Well aside from my supposed to be blogging strategy meeting with my boyfriend, we intend to have another venue to write our posts in all of our other blogs in that coffee shop.

Before going there, I read a lot of stuff online on how Eastwood City is one of the WiFi cities in the Philippines. A lot of other bloggers also had a list of WiFi ready establishments in Eastwood City so I thought I'll be making the most out of the connection there, or so I thought.

When I went there, I immediately searched for the WiFi access in the area (while waiting for my Eggs Ben order) and so I saw three connections, two from WiGo and there's another one but I forgot the name of the source. I immediately tried to establish connection. Their homepage went up the screen and prompted me to register. I was about to download their toolbar when I got this message on my screen:

There you go, the toolbar is only available for Windows and Mac users. I also heard the same negative comments from other customers inside CBTL Eastwood because just like my boyfriend and I, they're also Linux users and cannot access WiFi thru their service.

Well I just hope they'll do something about it because there are also a lot and growing Linux bloggers out there who might get the same frustrating experience. By the way, after this post, I'll send an email to their Marketing Director Russ O. Alfonso to inquire and clarify about that issue. I hope I'll receive the reply the soonest time so I can share the information with all of you, especially Linux bloggers here in the Philippines.

But for now, I have to rely on my good, old, ever reliable blogging notebook whenever I will plan to blog in that area again. ;)

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