22 September 2008

WiGO's Kind of Customer Service

What a good Monday for me! How about you?

Did you remember my post yesterday about my concern with WiGO? Just like what I mentioned in my post yesterday, I sent a short email to clarify about their service for Linux bloggers. Here's my email message to Mr. Russ Alfonso:

Hi Mr. Alfonso,


I would like to inquire about your service for us Linux users. I blogged about my experience with WiGO yesterday on this post.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Being in the customer service industry for more than eight years, I can say that I was impressed by his prompt reply. Here it is:

Thanks so much for your feedback. We initially rolled out our service in Feb. at Rockwell targeted towards Windows . From that launch we received feedback similar to yours regarding interoperability issues with MAC and mobile. We addressed that issue and MAC and mobile are now integrated with WIGO. I will forward your concern to our technical crew to address the Linux side. I don't foresee any problems just a few weeks of programming time. I ll make a note to drop you an email once linux is up and hopefully you and the other linux users will be using wigo.

Best Regards,


He copied two other respondents in the email to inform them of our concerns with WiGO. This email only proves their interest to provide customer satisfaction. I really hope this will be addressed soon so we can all rejoice, Eastwood City Linux bloggers!

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1 comment:

shadoweaver said...

My friend was just complaining to me about this yesterday. He said that he wasn't able to connect his Eee while he was in Eastwood. Thanks for informing Wigo about this and I hope that they fix this "problem" soon.