31 December 2008

Why Steal When You Can Use Beautiful Copyrighted Photos For Free!

The ease of making a 'copy and paste' for photos and other images to use in our blogs or websites has led to a rampant violation of copyrighted materials. Unless specified, all images are the properties of their respective owners and they should be asked for permission each time their images are to be used in any manner.

But what about us simple and not-so-rich bloggers? How can we get beautiful images without spending a dime? Well we can always ask the owners of copyrighted works if we could use their photographs or images but often, that would cost us money. There is however, a simpler and completely legal way. It is through the help of Flickr and Creative

Go to this link of Flickr that features works that are under the Creative Commons license. There are thousands of images there that you are free to use granted that you respect the different copyrights of the images.

All of these images require an Attribution and based on the respective licenses, they can be allowed to be creatively changed or manipulated resulting to a deriviation from the original image. Again, this is allowed as long as it is specified in the license.

So go over there and make use of those lovely images. Just don't forget to make the proper Attribution.

Photo credit: jayhem

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