30 November 2008

I So Love Firefox 3 and Entrecard Toolbar

I finally said goodbye to Internet Explorer today. :) All because I've found the love of my life Mozilla Firefox 3, yey!

Well, at first I just want to download Firefox 3 because this supports the Entrecard toolbar (that I am enjoying now yeyeye!) But after I checked what's with MF3, I was finally convinced to use this browser in my other blogging activities.

Download is a breeze. You just need to follow four simple instructions and you're done. :)

What I initially like about Mozilla Firefox 3 browser:

  • This browser imports my saved favorite sites and passwords in their own library
  • You can assign tags to some sites, yes, you read it right, multiple tags for as another way for you to remember the sites
  • Instant integration with your anti-virus software
  • Website ID for easier site identity overview
  • Built in spell checker (no need to copy and paste text on MS Word)
  • Session restore (relief from unexpected closure of your search or download session)
I have yet to enjoy the rest of what's new with Mozilla Firefox 3. But if you still have IE on your PC, why not try MF3 now? Let me know your experience with MF3 and if this is also your best alternative to online browsing.


Arun said...

Good decision Nhil. MF3 is superior to IE! I luv Fire Fox.

ghprod said...

FF and Chrome ...

and u will browsing more comfort :)

danny said...

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Peanut Butter and Jenny said...

I am addicted to firefox. Took me a little while to get over my IE addiction but sooo much better. The restore is great esp since my comp is prone to crashing. I have the speed dialer on mine too to have access to all of my most visited sites easier. Can't wait to check out the entrecard toolbar! thanks for the tip!

andeck said...

nice blog bro