26 December 2008

My Own Blogger's Christmas Wish

Merry Christmas everyone!

Papa Ces posted about his Blogger's Christmas Wish. I liked what he was wishing for because it was all about responsible blogging. He didn't wish for material things. If I were to make a wish list, it would be a combination of both.


So I decided to create my very own Blogger's Christmas Wish List and here they are:

Wish No. 1

I wish for more opportunities to earn as a blogger. That could be through paid posts, advertisements, link ads, etc. Who doesn't want to earn more moolah in 2009?  :)

Wish No. 2

I wish that I would be able to connect with more bloggers by next year. Blogging is not very much fun if you don't have a circle or network of blogging friends.

Wish No. 3

Lastly, this wish is more materialistic. I want a brand-new laptop. One that is powerful enough to let me do a lot of things at the same time. You know, lots of windows open and yet the system won't slow or break down.

1 comment:

Dhadha said...

Hi there! Merry Xmas! This is Dhadha of I am one of the winners in the Serradinho’s Contest & ur the 1 in charge for my 125x125 ad spot prize.. Here's my button: Thanks! :)