18 October 2008

Lesson Learned from Alexa

Remember my concern with 24x7 Online Diva's Alexa stats?

Minutes ago, I checked my blog traffic stats online for my new dot com domain. I was surprised to see the update. Take a look at my side bar. You'll see two Alexa buttons, one for my and the other one for the self hosted domain. That was such a big difference in traffic right?

I felt down because I've been working so hard to get traffic to this blog. Anyway, that was a lesson learned and I'm now ready to move on.

I've got to write more posts, continue with the rest of my blogging activities. This number will change, I know... will gradually change.

Lesson learned: Start with a rightaway if you want to make money online using your blog.

Whew Alexa! ;)


Jenny Fletcher said...

when I called from entrecard to drop on your blog, the page title was javascript:setFlashHeight(300,420); not the blogspot address??

Gem said...

It's always a big pain starting out with different stats. The Alexa is just a start.

The most frustrating effect was when my SocialSpark stats are not reflecting the correct stats anymore. I sent a ticket, and they had not fixed that so far.

Anonymous said...

For a different view of Alexa, I'd encourage you to check out this article.

I've long been critical of Alexa for its handling of EntreCard traffic. The article I link to pushes that criticism further.

Personally, I like to go with QuantCast as the best metric out there.