19 April 2009

Will Paid Posts Still Be Viable Next Year?

I do some paid posts on my other blogs and I know some friends who are into it also. But lately, we have noticed a downturn in the paid posts opportunities in the various paid post sites.

Could this be a sign that it is coming to an end? Some people have predicted that this type of monetizing blogs is just a fad and will not last very long.

There are some indications that this could be right. For one thing, I have read that Google abhors this activity because Google believes that the majority of paid posts are written poorly and do not really provide any value. I personally believe that the search giant is going to make some changes in its algorithm so they can limit blogs with such paid posts from appearing in the top search results, or even in the results at all.

Has this already happened? Can anybody tell me if it has?

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Femmepower said...

I'll dread the day when it'll happen.hope not.currently i'm getting constant opportunities.the last 2 weeks alone,i got some $78 worth of tasks.this week i had an offer which i had to reject because it didn't complement with my was about poker so i turned it down.i don't mind losing a few bucks just to ensure that i'm true to my far,i can say that paid posts are still in business.