20 April 2009

Using Your Email as a Portable Hard Drive

How much do you rely on your free email account?

I have emails on Yahoo!, Gmail, Hotmail and GMX. Each of these provide different level of services. For one thing, I like Gmail's 20mb of file size for transmitting files and its very good anti-spam system.

GMX is also great with large files and it has a built-in online harddrive. I just don't know how to put links within the message. I find it very troubling.

Hotmail... I don't really use Hotmail much. I find its interface very boring.

Yahoo!, now that's the email service that I've been using the longest. I think it's been 10 years since I first opened my very first email account and it's with Yahoo. It's no longer active though.

But about a month ago, I had a document file that I saved in one of my folders in my Yahoo email. When I needed it so badly, I tried logging into my Yahoo account but it so happened that they were doing some sort of maintenance and their services will not be available again for the next 12 or so hours.

I panicked! It's the only file that I have because I was very stupid not to make any copies.

So now whenever I save a file online, I make sure that I save copies on my other email accounts, just in case.

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