22 April 2009

Shaheen Jafargholi vs Susan Boyle?

Shaheen Jafargholi vs Susan Boyle?

He is the newest talk of the town after Susan Boyle's viral audition in Britain's Got Talent. This young man caught my attention as he showed everyone, even Simon Cowell, that he prepared so much for the audition.

I mean, what would you do if your choice piece became scrapped seconds after you first hit the note? An ordinary contestant would react differently, and you will immediately see a different facial register of disappointment or a lonely look in one's eyes.

But not Shaheen Jafargholi, who has prepared both his vocal cords and emotions. When he was asked to change his song, he immediately took a leap and belt out Jacko's Who's Loving You.

Which turned out to be a better pick because everyone, I mean everyone, including the three judges stood to show how much they liked his performance.

Now, a lot of online publishers are raving about the idea of competition between the two latest Britain's Got Talent's favorites. Will Susan Boyle continue to live the dream or will Shaheen Jafargholi ask him the "Who's loving you?" question. :)

What do you think?

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online writer said...

Oh, I haven't seen the performance of this boy yet but my hubby has mentioned this to me yesterday.I have seen Susan Boyle and I was astounded by her voice too just like all the other viewers maybe.I'm looking forward to exciting updates on this competition.this contest has been helping a lot of talented individuals change their lives for the better.

Melissa said...

Isn't he amazing. I think I like Susan Boyle better, she is more inspirational I think.

Anonymous said...

This kid has been in musical training and schooling since 5. He has been on stage etc. In other words he is a "developed talent" that is good at pop music. We have more than enough Disney Musical singers out there.

I will take the 48 year old church choir singer who can move your heart any day.

Laura said...

I haven't seen Shaheen yet. But I did see Susan Boyle. I thought she had a wonderful voice and was suited for Broadway type musicals. I am sure she will have the singing career she wants.

Julie McClelland said...

I like them both, they were 'inspirationaal'. Australia not to be out done, has a contest going looking for 'Australia's Susan Boyle' - well I suppose if you can't join them you have to beat em! :-)

Uberlib said...

i like them both !, its like sophie's choice, lol

but i like Shaheen better, because he is so cute :)

Leomar said...

Susan Boyle' audition is simply amazing. I haven't seen this boy's performance but from the looks of it, Britain's Got Talent is becoming more and more exciting.

Nhil said...

Hey thanks for your comments... :)

When I asked some of my colleagues today about this, they want more Susan Boyle over the little boy.


Anne said...

I have seen both on television. I am hoping for Susan Boyle. She is older and he has his whole future ahead of him. Besides, I am not a huge fan of making kids into celebrities. I think they need a chance to be kids.