29 April 2009

Hollie Steel: The Singer Ballerina

Britain's Got Talent has another 'talent' to make money online.

And that is through exposing their 'talents' for the world to appreciate. We have to thank the viewers and other concerned individuals who seemed unstoppable in uploading these videos in YouTube.

Now let's talk about Hollie Steel, the latest face to hit YouTube's viewing traffic. This fragile girl looked like an ordinary girl as she walked to the stage and started to move like, you guessed it from her costume, a ballerina.

But that changes as she opened her mouth and sang her piece. What used to be a 'weak' looking girl became a strong contender for this season of Britain's Got Talent. :) Take a peek on the video from YouTube.

First it was Susan Boyle, then the little cutie Shaheen Jafargholi, now comes Hollie Steel. Who will be the next BGT's darling? Now this is getting a lot more exciting for all of us who follows this BGT's season of great talents.


online writer said...

i've seen her perform and i was pleasantly started out lame when she was just dancing,something that a lot of girls her age can do even better.but when she started singing,wow!i was speechless.

LeoMar said...

Britain's Got Talent is becoming more and more interesting. They have contestants with extraordinary talents and the world surely wants to know who will win this season.

Lynn said...

Yeah it seems we're hearing a lot about Britain's Got Talent. I like these shows that find stars out of ordinary folks.

Anne said...

She is adorable. I have to admit to being a little biased since she is close in age to my daughter.

betchai said...

wow, it seems BGT is getting more and more interesting talents, i was actually surprised when she opened her mouth, what a voice, from dancing to singing.

Julie McClelland said...

This is an interesting turn of events. I'm sure this is the most intersting 'talent' show we will see in a long's a watch this space :-)