27 April 2009

24 Hours Online

Yesterday I lived up to my blog's name of being 24x7 Online Diva. How come? Well, I've let my laptop on for more than 24 hours!

It was weekend and so I did a lot of online stuff especially catching up on my blog posts, Tweets, emails, Facebook, etc. And boy, were there really a lot of stuff to be done. Two days over the weekend are not enough... who am I kidding, even 7 days in a week is never enough to fully be up-to-date with my online presence.

During this time that I would like to sing the Beatles' "Eight Days A Week". :)

And did I get much sleep? Of course not. Just 5 days of sleep time yesterday. Now that's not much of sleep on my standards because even though I'm the 24x7 Online Diva, I still honestly believe in getting a good rest.

Sometimes I even think of getting a day's off from the World Wide Web, but I just can't resist going online. Maybe I will someday.


Lynn said...

It seems I'm always trying to catch up on the weekends and never do. I hate that I have some of my best writing ideas right before bed when I'm too pooped to type or even get out of bed.

Melissa said...

So did you get everything all caught up? I am not sure if I could stay on 24 hours.

Wiggy said...

I also seem to try and use the weekends to catch up, but all it takes is one thing to throw them plans right up into the air :(