25 April 2009

Fun Friday - Five Things about Online Diva

I'm done with my share of making money online for this week. So while I am waiting for the next set of online opportunities, I remembered a fun, yet easy task to share here in my blog.

This theme is called Fun Friday, the first ever theme that we have for our Blogging for Fun yahoogroup. The rule is just to share five random things about you. In this post I will share five random things about me, being an Online Diva.

1. ) I have six dot.coms, 1 and 1 blogs. This is to organize my thoughts as I wear different roles everyday of being a call center trainer, fiancee, part time freelancer, online diva and chef's daughter among others.

2.) I can stay online for more than 5 hours on weekdays and 15 hours on weekends. This is to work on my different blogs, network with my other blogger friends and google on a lot of stuff.

3.) I usually listen to music while researching on some stuff online. Right now, I am listening to Ant and Dec's When I Fall in Love ( that's sooo 90's for me now LOL! ).

4. ) I am always interested to have friends overseas. I frequently send them snail mails and postcards and because of that, I was able to collect postage stamps from different countries (aside from those provided by my Dad).

5.) When I'm out, I still want to make sure that I have an online access for my blogging needs. I can stay in a coffee shop for hours, sipping cold drinks while blogging.

So that explains how I became a (self-proclaimed) online diva. How about your fun friday stuff? What were some random things that you do online?


Laura said...

Wow! Eight blogs. That is a lot to keep up with. I think I have six that are visible but I can't keep up with all of them. My mind is always working on new ideas, but I have to try and keep myself focused. That is very hard for me to do.

Julie McClelland said...

Hey there fellow 'blogging for fun' member. Nice post, interesting facts about yourself. I'll have to get on and do my own Fun Friday post before it's too late. Thanks for sharing :-)

betchai said...

wow, i really must agree with your title being online diva, i don't know if i can stand that long in front of computer, i get backache sitting for a long time, makes me feel old :(

it is nice to know 5 things about you nhil.

PinoyCopywriter said...

Ant and Dec... I like them most as hosts of Britain's Got Talent.


online writer said...

ey,interesting! well i missed this first group activity.i admire your u,i also work as a call center agent by night and i blog by day.and i don't have a maid so i do all the household chores myself.sometimes,i just miss visiting other blogs when i'm too sleepy.i'll catch up next time.

Anne said...

Wow, 8 blogs. How do you keep up with it all. I don't think I could find the time.

Melissa said...

Wow you are a busy person. Keeping up with all those blogs.

Leomar said...

Wow! I only have 3 blogs and my girlfriend is already complaining that I no longer have time for her.:) Your zest is admirable.