19 April 2009

Twitter's Different Faces

Happy Twitter Morning to all!

I've been blogging seriously for more than 13 months and having blogger friends constantly brings in a new experience for me. I get to interact with them through different means and one of those is through Twitter.

Before, I really had a challeging time to understand the value of Twitter. I wondered why a lot of bloggers raved about using Twitter as part of their blogging activities. Even Problogger himself analysed why people love this microblogging site.

Little by little, I see Twitters value in my blogging activities. I remembered using Twitter to interact with other bloggers, pick their brains once in a while and use those to be inspired in writing some of my blog posts.

Aside from that, I also benefitted from this as I noticed the increase of blog traffic in most of my blogs. Before, I would really spend much time on Entrecard, dropping like there's no tomorrow. Now, I have found an additional avenue to gain visitors on all my blogs because of Twitter :)

To strike a balance, Twitter can also be an avenue to help non-bloggers in need. Months ago, I published a post about asking people to help our fellow Filipinos in Cagayan as they were stuck in flood for days. Together with a day of using Plurk for the same goal, I felt the response of our fellow 'kababayans' who twitted and plurked back with their pledges.

It was so overwhelming right? I mean, using Twitter to make money online but also to give back to the community. :)

I just have a wish though. That Twitter stay good for a long time. A lot of people, bloggers and non-bloggers will benefit from it, if they just know how to use it properly.

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