01 January 2009

How Many Hours Do You Spend Online?

There are times, especially during weekends, that I could stay up for almost 20 hours just by being online. What would I be doing then? Oh, lots of things. I would be writing posts for my blogs, visiting other blogs, dropping my Entrecard credits, reading news, watching movies on YouTube, emailing, instant messaging and more. There are so many things that I can and have to do on the Internet that sometimes I think 24 hours are not enough.

Well, it's not like I can stay up for one whole day. I still need to sleep after all although I personally know of a few people who can go on for two days without sleeping. But I'm not like them so 24 hours will never be enough.

On a normal day, with work having to be considered in the equation, I would usually spend 10 hours on the Internet doing all those things I mentioned above. Generally, I am being productive because I don't usually surf around just for entertainment. It's always for a purpose especially with my blogs.

But this one is true: that I can't survive a day without going online. It has become a major part of my life that should my Internet provider conk out tomorrow, I would be rushing mad to go out and get a new one.


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Jared|SpeakWealthNow said...

I like this post because it also reminds me of me. I now consider myself fully immersed into the world of making money online and I think I made the right decision. Like you, it is a must that I get online everyday. :)