25 January 2009

Knowing Your Identity

Who are you? Why are you alive? What is your purpose in life? Do you know your true identity? The last question has a deeper meaning than what we are usually accustomed to hearing about costumed superheroes in comic books and movies. But life is complicated and there are more things about us that we ourselves do not know yet.

Answers are out there and I believe so myself. I don’t mean by out there that it is in outer space like from an alien or something. What I mean is the answers to most of our questions are perhaps known to other people and what we need to do is to seek those answers so we can have a better understanding of our existence.

The is a website created by Chris Butler, a Jagad Guru who has spent his life trying to provide answers to people. The site has a substantial collection of writings and videos that are sure to provide enlightenment to those who are trying to seek it.

For an inspiring view on self help for the mind and other related matters, The Science of Identity Foundation offers helpful self help ideas for self improvement. Know more about Jagad Guru's background here.

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