20 January 2009

Got a Whole Page Ad in your Blogs?

I've just completed my 300 Entrecard drops for my call center blog. I did it quite fast because of the Entrecard toolbar that I have here in Mozilla. :) Good thing I never encountered a blogger attack site unlike last time.

But I what I wanted to share with you today is how I'm turned off by some of the blogs that have a whole page ads in it. I did not only notice a couple of them, but I remembered seeing roughly seven to ten blogs all in all (based on the list of blogs where I dropped my EC).

It just turns me off. I mean, most of the bloggers wanted to make money online. That's fine. You can show ads on your blog because those ads can also bring in money, well and good.

But what I can't stand is the fact that these blogs load so slow just because of those whole page ads running before the actual content does load on the page. It's just so sad that instead of me reading your post and leaving comments on your blog, you made me leave you, my dear blogger.

I know that to each is own, you may agree or disagree, love or hate me. But I won't visit your blogs until I know that it is your post that I will see first and not the whole page box with the X mark to close so just I can see what you have in your page. :}

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