02 January 2009

Trying Out the Web Browsers

For so many years I have been using Internet Explorer and the last version I used was version 7. Then in early 2007, at the office that I was working then, our I.T. department installed Mozilla Firefox. I forgot what version it was and all I remember was that I asked the I.T. guy, "What's Firefox?"

He said it's a web browser, just like IE and supposed to be faster. Well he's the computer expert so I tried Firefox. And you know what? I seldom used IE ever since. I really liked Firefox, not only because it is faster in loading up websites, but because of the various add-ons available for it. The Firefox for me is more than just a browser. 

Then I also tried Opera when I saw a friend of mine using it on his laptop. I also like Opera, just not as much as Firefox. Opera is fast, too and also has add-ons and I use it from time to time whenever I feel like it. 

And of course, when Google released Chrome, I downloaded it. It was amazingly fast. Faster than Firefox, but I have to say that it's look is not quite for me. I still prefer Firefox's look and feel. More traditional, I know but that's my comfort zone. Although I like the tab functions of Chrome and that so far it hasn't crashed yet. I also like that I can make a Google search right on the URL field.

In conclusion, I am still a Firefox user who occasionally uses Chrome and Opera. I still have to try IE8, but maybe later when they released it from it's beta version.

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Papa Ces said...

I have tried almost all the popular web browsers but I still prefer Firefox above all else.

Chrome comes very close at second place mainly because of its speed.