09 February 2009

My First Experience

Have you sold stuff online? How about selling it via Ebay?

I've been thinking about giving Ebay a try. Aside from making money online, I want to experience how it is to sell something using Ebay.

So since I am too sold on the idea, I started to register in Ebay Philippines. I thought it was going to be a breeze, just like when I register for a new gmail or yahoo mail accounts.

But I was wrong.

Papa Ces witnessed how a simple registration really squeezed out all the patience in me. Do you want to know why? Let me count the ways:

  • I wasn't able to register three of my preferred usernames because they're all taken

  • When I finally figured out some usernames that I can use (yahoo!), the system states that I need to enter the same information again because the supposed to be my preferred usernames (which I entered a minute ago) were already taken (wow! to think that I just...I mean just entered it on the right field for the username and confirmed that I can use it...)

  • Then when I surpassed that phase, I was told to do the same thing all over again because there's a problem with my cookies ( I should've eaten those haha!) Anyway, I already checked it guided by the instructions but to my dismay, I've found out that there's nothing to fix anyway. My Mozilla Firefox has all the cookies enabled and there's really nothing wrong (waaaa...I tell you I'm beginning to freak out haha)

  • After almost 30 mins of figuring out what's wrong, and after my nth attempt to register, then the screen showed a message about a TECHNICAL PROBLEM! (yea right, I thought so...)

Don't get me wrong guys. I've been a very patient person. I know how to take control of my emotions. But did I also say that I am only human?

And last night was one of the moments that reminded me how 'human' I still am.

I'd give another try. But not for now, maybe I'll have to give it another week and hopefully it will be another experience for me then.

Of course I'll let you know. :)

For the meantime, let me know if you have the same experience with Ebay (that is if you already have an account with them)

If you're selling on Ebay, let me know your username. Who knows, I might be your next customer. :)

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drop it like it yours said...

How 'human' you are???

Nice try:)..What ever you do ,remember the hardest the better,take your time ..wish you luck.